thewife101: Justice League movie reviewNo spoilers, k? Let’s play nice. Billy Crudup?? Awesome…


Justice League movie review

No spoilers, k? Let’s play nice. Billy Crudup?? Awesome cameo.

Wonder Woman’s entrance… And existence in this movie was like OH MY GOD. The greatest, most confident female ever to grace the silver screen. Don’t fight me on this, you’ll lose.

Momoa rocked that shit. I want more.

Ezra brought this film to life! Loved every scene with him in it. Every scene.

2 post credit scenes, bitch. It’ll totally be worth it. I saw people walking out and almost had a stroke. ?

Now where is my Superman pin…

Hey, Ive noticed yor sort of a ben affleck and Batman fan lol. I made a pretty cool gif on my blog, could you tell me what you think?

Sure! Looks like you have two under his name. I’ll queue them to post on their own! Thanks for the submission!